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If you’re looking to eat fit and improve your skills, browse our articles on nutrition, training, and self-care and mindfulness! Rest assured, these science-backed articles are reviewed by our team of experts & trained coaches.

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March New Recipes

March New Recipes

What's new this month As you requested, we focused on developing more plant-based, gluten & soy-free meals.⁠ Top of the list were soups, more savory foods, and more diverse cuisines. After a few weeks of taste-testing & tweaking, we think you'll love these new...

Last-minute Thanksgiving Recipes – 6 Ingredients or less

Last-minute Thanksgiving Recipes – 6 Ingredients or less

Everyday food can be Holiday food too Written by Coach Dianne on Nov 24, 2020This is a gentle reminder that holidays are about the PEOPLE you celebrate with, not just the food. ⁠ For Thanksgiving, we wanted to highlight that everyday healthy food can be holiday food...

Candied pecans on sweet potato toast

Candied pecans on sweet potato toast

Here's an easy, guilt-free take on the classic holiday dish (sweet potato casserole). Did we mention it takes only 5 minutes?[cooked-recipe id="1816"]Save recipe card Portion size depends on your muscle-mass and the intensity of the workout.🔥 Get lean recipesGrab our...

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