ari coach

Our mission

Make healthy eating simple & accessible for everyone.

We’re about

🍏 building healthy habits

🧘‍♀️ being human (not perfect robots)

😌 listening to our bodies

We work hard at the gym, at work, and at home. We wanted a way to enjoy great food without undoing all our hard work.

We found that meal planning mindfully was the best way to do this. After trying all the other apps, we were disappointed. None of them answered “what, when, and how much to eat?” Especially for workout days.

So we set out on this journey to combine nutrition, behavior change, exercise science, and habit-building. To create a mindful eating app that made it easy to choose healthy meals. That asked about how we felt and our progress.

And we want to do it together with people who share our values and vision. With the help of this diverse & strong crew, let’s better the world together.

🌏 Better the world with us

When you support Ari Coach, you're giving access to nutritious meals & education to vulnerable children in crisis.

Making healthy eating accessible is core to why we even exist. We partnered with B1G1 to find & track initiatives where we make the greatest impact possible.

How you can help

For every person that signs up for the Beta Crew, we pledge to give 1 cup of rice to the trafficked & homeless children of Blue Dragon's Children Foundation in Vietnam.

Invite your friends to join the Beta Crew to help better the world with us.

Our current impact

cups of rice given to children in crisis in Vietnam


Thanks for the support from our partners

Connect with us

Are you, your company, publication, or community group passionate about making healthy eating accessible to all? We’d love to hear from you!

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