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March New Recipes

What’s new this month

As you requested, we focused on developing more plant-based, gluten & soy-free meals.⁠

Top of the list were soups, more savory foods, and more diverse cuisines.

After a few weeks of taste-testing & tweaking, we think you’ll love these new delicious PRO recipes. They are fast & easy to make, with 6 or less main ingredients. If you have the time, definitely add in optional spices to really crank up the flavor.

(Don’t worry, Starter members, we got you some too.)⁠


Easy mushroom chicken pasta


Smoked salmon & cream cheese sushi roll 

Avocado & cucumber salmon poke bowl

Baked panko fish burger

Chana masala with white fish fillet

Roasted shrimp broccoli salad



Mumbai spiced egg scramble with toast

Easy chocolate milk


Easy veggie minestrone pasta soup (gluten & soy-free)

Fast tomato soup with toast (gluten & soy-free)

Caribbean beans & greens soup (gluten & soy-free)

Chocolate banana protein oats (gluten & soy-free)

Tofu bánh mi style sandwich

Tofu spinach scramble

Chai milk tea (gluten & soy-free)

Matcha latte (gluten & soy-free)

If you try these, tag us @aricoachapp !


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