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Last-minute Thanksgiving Recipes – 6 Ingredients or less

Everyday food can be Holiday food too

Written by Coach Dianne on Nov 24, 2020

This is a gentle reminder that holidays are about the PEOPLE you celebrate with, not just the food. ⁠

For Thanksgiving, we wanted to highlight that everyday healthy food can be holiday food too! These are easy, 6-ingredient meals on the app that are perfect for impressing the fam.

Healthy Holiday Mindset

As holidays come up, what’s your mindset on overeating? Here are 3 ideas to take with you⁠

☝️ Eating past being full is a NORMAL part of life. The key is to listen to your body for when is enough. Learn what feels great and not so great. And how does that impact your weekly goals?⁠

✌️ Holiday food can be normal, everyday food. Instead of thinking “I can’t eat this normally, so I have to stuff myself” – try shifting to “I can enjoy this regularly, so I will eat a good portion”. Plus, save leftovers for later (when the flavors develop even more)! ⁠

? You don’t need to “earn” your food – you need food to live! Enjoy the holiday festivities & treats. You decide what’s on-goal for yourself.

And sometimes we need soul food, not just healthified foods ?⁠

1. Quick mushroom sausage risotto– 15 min + vegan option

A 10 minute favorite on our meal plans that’s perfect for holiday food! Better yet, it’s creamy, savory and healthy everyday food ? Save time by using pre-cooked rice OR elevate the taste by using raw risotto rice (you’ll need to quadruple the cooking time & vegetable broth/stock used).

[cooked-recipe id=”1809″]

2. Healthy chicken pot pie– 30 min + vegan option

Store-bought puff pastry is the secret to this elegant dish – you can also use biscuit or crescent dough to top the high-protein filling. Make mini-ones and freeze for meal prep!⁠

[cooked-recipe id=”1812″]

3. Yogurt & fruit salad pizza

Fancify your post-workout snack into a party-worthy spread ???? Ideas for base: apple slices, pears, pineapple & honeydew melon. Use your fave Greek-style flavored yogurt or non-dairy ones.⁠

[cooked-recipe id=”1813″]

4. Candied Pecans on Sweet Potato Toast – 5 min & 4 ingredients

If you try these, tag us @aricoachapp !


Enjoy these simple, yet delicious, everyday food this Thanksgiving!⁠

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