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Have questions or feedback? We’re here to help! We also answered some popular questions below in our FAQ, What does PRO offer, and Manage your subscription sections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get the app?

You’re in luck – we are accepting requests to join our Beta program. Beta users automatically get PRO for free!

If you want to be part of the Beta Crew, contact us above or submit your email here!

What is the Ari Coach Beta program?

The Ari Coach Beta program gives the you early access to new versions of the app. This is an exciting collaboration because you’ll have a hand in shaping our app to work for you.

Please keep in mind that beta versions of the app may run into issues and are updated multiple times per week.

Program requirements:

  • ? You will need an iPhone or Android smartphone and internet to participate.
  • ? The early versions may not look pretty nor function as well as we want, but your feedback will help us improve. Send us screenshots if you run into things that don’t work.
  • ✅ Turn on automatic updates to get the latest version.
  • ? You’ll be part of our Beta Crew – so we want to hear your thoughts. We will occasionally ask questions about your experience and share opportunities to vote on new features or get more involved.
  • ? During the program, you’ll automatically get PRO for free! And thank-you bonuses.

Join the Beta Crew

How will this app help me achieve my goals?

With Ari Coach, we are not about food restriction. Instead, our plans are guidelines to build stronger and better habits. By choosing meals that make you feel satisfied and energized, doing your daily habit, and reflecting on why you ate, you’ll be able to maintain healthy behaviors to sustain lasting changes.

We want to help you move from planning to taking action.

Why can't I log every ingredient to count calories & macronutrients?

We have found that calorie & macro tracking is an unsustainable lifestyle for a lot of people. (Our cofounder tracked every day for 18 months and didn’t want to live like that anymore.) Rather than spending half the day logging each gram, we wanted to focus our energy on the quality & experience of enjoying food, and how to read our body’s hunger and fullness intuitively.

Plus, food labels can have as much as 20% error on calories – meaning there’s more calories than the labels lead you to think! What’s more, ingredient quality varies between batches, so macronutrients are only estimates.

As much as some people want to keep a strict calorie & macro count, it’s impossible to always know the exact amount.

When do I check-in?

Your week starts when you signed up. You can check-in 6 days from that. So if you signed up on Wednesday, your check-in would be available on the following Tuesday. We recommend checking-in once you have marked all of your meals as eaten or skipped.

It’s fine to wait and check-in on the day that you would prefer your week to start. Like #MealPrepSunday

How do I choose if my food is On or Off goal?

That’s up to you. You are holding yourself accountable for your choices. If it will make your journey longer, then choose off-goal. If you feel nourished mentally and physically, it’s probably an on-goal meal.

Ari Coach isn’t here to shame or police your choices. You are here to learn and make better choices for yourself.

What does PRO offer

We believe healthy eating should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our goals is to have weekly meal plans and habits free forever. However, we need to support ourselves and the future development of Ari Coach – like more recipes, progress tracking, integrations, and bigger plans to support you on your journey.

By going PRO, you will get access to super convenient features and add-ons that can help you enjoy eating healthy towards your goals, and also support our humble little team ☺️

? PRO recipes + unlimited meal swaps

Unlock 500+ PRO recipes and swap to your heart (& stomach’s) delight.

? Get groceries delivered for your meals
Skip the hassle of the trip. Get all the ingredients you need for the week (or more) delivered with our partners.
? Change goals & eating style

Unlimited access to change goals and eating styles as you need.

? Meal prep for the week ahead
Unlock Meal Prep View and see what days each meal is for. Bulk cook everything at once or bulk prep individual ingredients.

Manage your subscription

Your subscription is managed directly through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How to get a PRO subscription

You can sign up for a PRO subscription from various places within the app – in your Profile, Grocery list, or Meal Prep View by tapping on “Go PRO”.

All subscriptions are managed by Apple or Google Play, so you will have to go through the standard app store confirmation and payment screens to sign up.

How to cancel your subscription

All app subscriptions are managed by Apple for iPhones, or Google for Android phones.

Ari Coach is not able to cancel your free-trial on your behalf.

To cancel, you need to open the App Store or Google Play app on your phone, tap on your profile and scroll down to subscriptions, and tap on Ari Coach (If you don’t see Ari Coach listed, that means you do not have an active paid subscription with us on the app stores.)

Here, you can tap on the “Cancel subscription” button to cancel your subscription.

If you do not see the “Cancel subscription” button, this means it has already been cancelled. Once your subscription has been cancelled, you will no longer see a cancel button. Instead, you will see an “Expires [date]” listed in the subscription description in the Your Subscription section in that page, with renewal options below.

How to cancel your PRO Free-trial

Ari Coach offers 14 days of PRO for free, without signing up for a subscription. Once your trial is over, you have the option to stay upgraded on PRO or downgrade to the free Starter plan (without awesome add-ons like unlimited meal swap, grocery delivery, and more).

Deleting the app vs. Cancelling
Deleting your account and app will not cancel your subscription. As stated above, Apple or Google is managing all app subscriptions, so you have to go to the App Store or Google Play app to cancel your subscription. Deleting the app will just remove the app from your phone.

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