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April New Recipes

What’s new this month

We couldn’t help but be inspired by recent food trends. This month, bake up feta & tomato pasta or put together mouth-watering sushi bowls with in-season ingredients for April!

These new delicious PRO recipes went through vigorous taste-testing in our apartment kitchen (not those fancy, fantasy chef ones). Again, these are super fast to make, with only 6 main ingredients or fewer. If you have the optional spices on hand, sprinkle them in for even more flavor.


Baked feta & tomato chicken pasta  (GF, SF)

Bacon & egg white tacos  (GF, SF)


Feta & tomato shrimp pasta (GF, SF)

Spicy tuna-mayo sushi bowl  (GF, SF)

Zesty fish fajita tacos (GF, SF)

Korean-style shrimp rice bowl (GF, SF)



Poached egg with roasted potatoes (GF, SF)

Egg white & avocado hash (GF, SF)

Baked feta & tomato chickpea pasta (GF, SF)


Fast lentil veggie soup (GF, SF)

Baked tofu & tomato pasta (GF)

Spicy mayo tofu poke bowl (GF)

Tofu avocado sushi bowl (GF)

Sesame garlic tofu noodles

GF = gluten-free available

SF = soy-free

If you try these, tag us @aricoachapp !


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