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Simplify Challenge

Habits, routines & hacks to declutter your lifestyle

We all know that nutrition & fitness is a lifestyle, not a short-term plan.

How often do you find yourself with an overloaded schedule or the pressure do “healthy” things that don’t work for your life?

Like forcing yourself to exercise 2 hours a day, 7 times a week. Or drinking only juice to detox your body. (Hint, juicing doesn’t work.)

The Simplify Challenge

This month, challenge yourself to simplify your life. Following our 4 weekly themes, you will get daily habits to practice, along with tips to simplify not only nutrition, but ultimately your lifestyle.


You can do these habits & tasks in less than 30 minutes, and usually in 5-10. To get daily reflection questions & support, head over to our community group on Facebook. If you completed a habit or task, celebrate by commenting “I did it!” or more about your accomplishment.

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Do less

Let’s start off this challenge by doing less! The focus this week is to remove negativity from your life.

Choose 1 of the daily habits to do for the next 7 days. Add bonus points if you complete the daily task. Reflect on your habit by answering the daily reflection questions over at our community group.

Celebrate by posting about your total score at the end of the week!

Week 2

Nurture Awareness

Now that you have freed yourself from the negatives, let’s practice nurturing awareness.

These habits & tasks will help you become more aware of positivity, time-sucks, and pinpoint where you can reclaim more space in your life.

Week 3

Do with intention

Good going! Part of simplifying is also adding to your life.

We’ll be practicing how to add more joy every day. Whether it’s with a daily habit or completing a task, look where you can find positivity or turn someone’s frown upside down 🙃

Week 4

Do regularly

Let’s end strong by combining what you’ve practiced into routines. Routines simplify your schedule by helping you keep only what’s efficient and helpful in your day.

Commit to one routine this week. At the end of the week, reflect and decide whether to add to or remove from it.

Celebrate your completion of the challenge by posting your new routine on instagram or in our community!

If you try these, tag us @aricoachapp !

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